Proposed Fracking Setback Rules Approved

​The North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission (the Commission) voted last week on fracking standards governing safe drilling distances from homes, streams and other sensitive landmarks.  With only one dissenting vote, the Commission voted to adop ...[Read more]

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General Assembly to Study Market Based Principals in Health Care: Sustainability and Transparency

​Between now and May 2014, the General Assembly will study what some believe to be barriers to a market-based health care delivery system. Among those perceived barriers that will be studied is North Carolina’s Certificate of Need law.  The General ...[Read more]

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NC Supreme Court Limits Private Lawsuits for Sedimentation Violations

​The North Carolina Supreme Court recently ruled that a notice of non-compliance with sedimentation and erosion control regulations does not trigger an injured neighbor’s right to sue for damages caused by a “violation." The court’s reasoning i ...[Read more]

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Highlights from the recently proposed Tax Reform Plan - updated 7/23/13

On July 15th Governor Pat McCrory, Senator Phil Berger, President Pro Tem of the Senate, and House Speaker Thom Tillis released a tax reform plan under a Proposed Conference Committee Substitute to House Bill 998. During the following two days, the ...[Read more]

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Senate Passes Bill to Alter Landfill Permit Requirements

​The Senate recently passed a bill (S328) that would scale back many of the landfill permitting requirements first imposed in 2007, yet increases applicable fees and would impose new restrictions to avoid adverse impacts on military operations.   Th ...[Read more]

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Proposed Bill Would Limit Zoning Regulation of Manufactured Homes

​North Carolina counties would lose some of their ability to restrict where manufactured housing can be located under a bill filed in the North Carolina House.  Currently, many counties have significant restrictions on where manufactured homes can b ...[Read more]

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What are Solar Easements and Solar Access Rights?

When most people think of an easement, they think of a strip of land running across a piece of property that allows a third party to access or otherwise use the property.  For example, if you own a house on the side of a mountain that is surrounded ...[Read more]

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SEARUC Registration Opens

The annual meeting of the Southeastern Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners will be held in Asheville, North Carolina from June 9-12, 2013.  The conference is at the Grove Park Inn and this year's theme is "Prospecting for Balance: T ...[Read more]

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Land-Use Interpretations Could Get Costly For Governmental Entities

The North Carolina Supreme Court has previously held that land-use regulations are in derogation of private property rights and should be construed in favor of freedom of use. A bill filed in the General Assembly would seek to put some teeth behind ...[Read more]

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Legislation Would Change Role of Public Staff

Legislation introduced in the General Assembly last week would significantly alter the role of the N.C. Utilities Commission Public Staff.  ​HB280 would prohibit the Public Staff from giving advice, guidance or opinions on any matter before the Util ...[Read more]

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